Makayla RimingtonCommunications & Content Coordinator, GROW Gippsland

Meet the team

Makayla is a communications specialist with broad experience across a range of industries including professional services, the arts, recruitment and tourism.

Her coordination skills have been developed in previous roles within administration and social media coordination, and she draws on her background in hospitality and retail roles to bolster her stakeholder engagement skills.

Makayla’s role focuses on the GROW Gippsland program, and her objective is to ensure the aims & key messages for the program are communicated effectively and appropriately to the Gippsland market, the wider stakeholder group and the general public. Her passion for creating engaging and meaningful content sees her at the forefront of the GROW Gippsland Regional and local economic development program, dealing with program participants on a daily basis.

Makayla is a local resident of Gippsland and is motivated by the aim of the GROW programs – growing opportunities for work within the region, and is inspired by the real impact that positive content and effective communication with the community can achieve.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communications, which includes an Honours year in Communications.

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