BrIMPACT Social Program Launched!

Creating Opportunities for Young People in Brimbank, Melbourne

We’re proud to announce our involvement in the BrIMPACT Program, a new collaborative program that will create employment opportunities for local young people in the Brimbank area in Melbourne, by working with local businesses to improve their social procurement and inclusive employment practices.

BrIMPACT is delivered as a partnership between Brimbank City Council, ArcBlue Consulting, YLab and Job Prospects, and is funded by the Australian Government through the Regional Employment Trials Program.

Over the past 10 years the number of young people aged 15-25 years old looking for work in Brimbank has risen significantly. In 2016, 1 in 5 young people in Brimbank were unemployed. The BrIMPACT program seeks to address this challenge and create employment opportunities for local young people who are facing additional barriers to work.

Brimbank City Council will join eight other local employers in committing to trial new procurement, recruitment and employment practices more suited to local young people, with the ultimate objective of creating a minimum of 33 new job vacancies through the program.

Businesses participating in BrIMPACT will focus on building tools, resources and capability to become more inclusive employers, with a specific focus on:

  • Social procurement – choosing to purchase a social outcome as part of procurement processes, including buying products and services from social enterprises and businesses that provide inclusive employment pathways for young people, and:
  • Inclusive employment – taking proactive steps to sustainably employ and provide job pathways for young people, especially those facing additional barriers to work.

Integral to all stages of the project will be a Youth Employment Taskforce made up of young consultants from youth-led Social Enterprise YLab, who will co-design attraction and retention tools and strategies with young people and employers from the local community.

By understanding young people’s needs and creating strong collaboration between local employment services, young people and employers, BrIMPACT aims to create the best opportunity for increased sustainable and inclusive employment.


Key Objectives of the Program:

  • Growing jobs for young people – Maximising the impact of local procurement and job opportunities to create sustainable employment outcomes for young people from the local area.
  • Embedding structural change – Developing tools, strategies and capability and embedding change in business processes to deliver ongoing employment that will contribute to a more prosperous local community.


Who is involved?

  • Program participants: up-to 60 young people will be engaged in the program, including YLab Associates and a candidate catchment network for employers to recruit from. Participants will contribute to co-design workshops and be provided with wraparound services designed to assist with confidence building and employment readiness.
  • Local businesses: Nine local businesses (including Brimbank City Council) from across the public and private sectors – either locally based or with significant procurement and employment activity in the area will commit to reviewing existing business practices to provide employment opportunities for the program participants.
  • Program Partners: ArcBlue is partnering with Brimbank City Council  –>, YLab  –>, and Job Prospects to deliver this program. 


ArcBlue’s role in the Program:

Building on our strong experience working with local government in Australia and on Social Procurement, Economic Development & Place-based Programs, we will be:

  • Engaging with partners & establishing employer participation
  • Undertaking research & analysis on the challenges & opportunities in Brimbank, including economic modelling to demonstrate local economic & social impact of procurement opportunities in the region
  • Developing individual employer action plans & working with employers to implement them
  • Establishing reporting framework for the program and measuring the impact of the program on the Brimbank community.


For more information on the program please contact Cameron Spence at 

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